Umrao Jaan Ada novel by Mirza Mohammad Hadi Ruswa Pdf

Umrao Jaan Ada Pdf by Mirza Mohammad Hadi Ruswa:

This book of Mirza Mohammad Hadi ‘Ruswa Sahab’ is the first Urdu language. Umrao Jaan was the last famous Tawaif of Nawabiya of Lucknow, whose period became a great place of 1857. The house of Umrao Jaan was in Faizabad. His father used to chirp on the grave of the Nawab of Arabia. Once he arrested a robber who was imprisoned for twelve years. When she left, her daughter ‘Amiran’ was named, she kidnapped him, then moved to Lucknow and sold it here for an elephant. On the other hand, Umrao Jaan learn Urdu adb, mujra and singing. He used to write ‘Aad’ from Takhlus also a lion.

In the wake of his round, he met a man named Faizal Ali, who expresses his affection after the nights of the nights, and asks Umrao Jaan to take him with him. At first she is not ready, but because she was better than Faizal and she had already given her a lot of reward, then without telling her mistress, she ran away with Faizal Ali in the darkness of the night. But there is a way that the robbers meet, and the encounter occurs in both, in which the facies disappear, and Umrao Jaana escapes somehow. Then, for a few days, his stay is in Kanpur. Where he goes to Munjra of Begum of Nawabganj. The Begum of Nawabganj, his old companion, Ramdev, was born in his childhood.

At the end of the book is the statement that when Mirza Sahib wrote this book and gave it to read Umrao Jaan, she got very angry. He used to cut it apart, but then thinking that his story would remain alive till many races of the people, and he could not even stop it. Just keep thinking that There has also been a super hit film on Umraajan, which was based on Linea. The songs of that movie will still be humming in the new generation.

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