The Isle of the Lost by Melissa De La Cruz Review

The Isle of the Lost Review:

This book was absolutely wonderful, I loved seeing the Disney world from the perspective of a villain (or their children). I think their perspective is so unique, and it was great seeing the villains where they ended up at the end of their perspective stories. I think I enjoyed the villain’s side of things more than the royals because they seemed a little annoying with all of their complaining, it’s just so far from their original stories where they were so sweet and happy to help.

The characters are so great, I love how their so distinctive from each other and their parents, but they all seem to go through the same thing like being a disappointment to their parents. They all seem to have that in common and I do think that that is something that bonded them along with the quest they are now on.

The villains seemed really mistreated, they shouldn’t get all of the leftovers from Auradon, yes they did terrible things but does that mean that their children should be punished for crimes they never committed.

This quest was so interesting, I like how they’re all in it for different reasons and that they each bring something different to the mission. Prince Ben was an interesting character, I love his life’s contrast compared to Mal, Evie, Carlos, and Jay. They live completely different lives, and it’s great that it kind of sets it up for the movie with Ben wondering about the kids on the aisle.

Now that I finished the first book I can now go watch the movie before I read the second book, can’t wait.