Shaheen Book By Naseem Hijazi Pdf

Shaheen Pdf By Naseem Hijazi:

Naseem Hijazi Writees Shaheen Pdf. it is a very famous Urdu book. it will take you back to the time when Spain was under Islamic Govt.

Within this publication, Hijazi told us that the story of individuals present at the death bed of this Muslim era of Spain. The motives were like what each country goes through during their autumn; insufficient interest from the well-being of society as a whole, moral degradation, losing sight of the objectives, and naturally, that the traitors within. He stressed that God could forgive the sins of human beings, but maybe not the collective blunders of a country.

In the same way, people of Spain were warned by the visionaries of the time but’God only helps those who help themselves’, and obviously these folks didn’t help themselves. It’s correct that there were individuals who stood up against tyranny and injustices of the time but it was too small and too late. Fuel to the fire were the traitors in Muslims who, because of their personal relaxation, sold the honor and dignity of the country.

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