Mushaf Novel By Umera Ahmed Pdf

Mushaf novel

Mushaf Pdf by Nimra Ahmed:

Nimra Ahmed Writes Mushaf Novel. A treasure by Nimrah Ahmed. Changed my opinion on life, its deception and how it keeps confusing you by catching in its delusional web. It increased my love for the Holy Book, and I feel an original desire to read and understand the sacred scripture over and over until it becomes a part of my nature and my entire life.

Nushaf meaning QURAN. Nimra Ahmed superbly conveyed the ups and downs of existence and magnificently connected verses of Quran together with all the happenings in Mehmed’s life. This showed how the Quran is a wonder.  It’s a reminder for those of the present age and this novel changed the perspective of life in my own opinion.

Another important lesson it gave was that we ought to trust Allah and no one else. Guidance is for people who search for it. One other important thing I realized was that individuals who are good from the very beginning they also get mislead by shaitan. Assessing Islam is a life long trip you’re tested every time even if you are very Achi.

I suggest you this publication, and I am sure even though it did not change your life it’d leave you in fantastic awe. In every incident of the publication is a hidden message. May Allah give us the noor and insight to understand the treasure of each verse revealed by Allah.

It was published in  November 2011 by Al-Quraish Publications. Download link for Mushaf Pdf is given below:

File: Pdf

Download Mushaf Pdf

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