Munshi Premchand Books; Biography and list of his Hindi Novels

Munshi Premchand; the legend who will not be forgotten:

Munshi Premchand is one of the most famous Indian Writer. He is mostly known for his Contemporary Indian Literature. He is considered the most renowned Hindi novelist from British India. Most people regard him as the best Hindi writer from the early 21st century.

Munshi Premchand is regarded as the first Hindi writer who highlighted realism. His books portrayed the life of poor and talks about the problem for the week. Munshi Premchand books also talked about hypocrites and political class, and those who destroyed the living standard of the poor. He used his books for the awareness of the society about the social issue and evils. He prominently talked about corruption, poverty, Prostitution, colonialism and on the Freedom for Subcontinent.

Munshi Premchand Worked with Mahatma Gandhi. For his non-cooperation movement, doing struggle for social reform to help the weak.

Munshi Premchand is one the writer who influenced the Hindi speaking nation for freedom. He has done many great things for Hindi. he has written short stories, poems, novels, books. He is also known as William Shakespeare of Hindi.

Premchand Always tried to connect the lower class and elite class. His novels also have a little touch of romance. In one of his novel, he also talks about a love story from different castes.

Here is the list of Munshi Premchand Books:

  • Devasthan Rahasya
  • Prema
  • Kishna
  • Roothi Rani
  • Vardaan
  • Seva Sadan
  • Premashram
  • Rangbhoomi
  • Nirmala
  • Kaayakalp
  • Pratigya
  • Gaban
  • Karmabhoomi
  • Godaan
  • Mangalsootra

Godaan is considered as Munshi Premchand’s most famous novel. He writing style make him unique among today’s Hindi writers. He has also written Urdu books. His short stories are featured in the books of schools both in India and Pakistan. His struggles for Hindi literature made his immortal in people mind, and after many decades of his death, he still lives in people hearts.

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