Man Chalay Ka Sauda novel By Ashfaq Ahmed Pdf

Mann Chalay Ka Sauda

Man Chalay Ka Sauda Pdf By Ashfaq Ahmed:

Ishfaq Ahmed’s writings maintain a wonder that somebody could write a complete book to commend his writing, this just happened with me I wish to write about this epic piece of writing but operating out of words but I will attempt to allow the libraryendians understand the beauty lies under it.

This book revolves around a normal man who selects the route of Sufis over most of the worldly events and comforts, On this particular journey, he meets many men who enabled him to understand the true meaning of mysticism and also the gap between the worldly wisdom and religious teachings (roohani taleem) through different examples and phenomena.

If someone has read Ishfaq Ahmed until he know,s he will use modest examples in his stories and plays to allow the reader comprehend the larger significance So, the person who posseses the brain who’s wide enough to conscious himself of the true meaning lies under the text wins and find the concept of Life.

This drama is highly recommended to everyone especially who love and love Urdu like me and do not want its valuable texts to simply disappear away.

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