Khaak aur Khoon book by Naseen Hijazi Pdf

Khaak Aur Khoon Pdf by Naseem Hijazi:

Naseem Hijazi writes Khaak Aur Khoon. He is famous for his historical fiction. He usually writes book related to religion.

The Story of the British Indian Empire, Partition of India, Creation of Pakistan. Khaak Aur Khoon (Dirt and Blood) excellent fiction story all three components download or read online. Khak Aur Khoon is an authentic publication by Nasim Hijazi that depicts the reparations of Muslims of this Sub-mainland amid the time of part in 1947. At the point when Muslims of identifying areas were attempting to get to Pakistan,

a lot of gatherings of Hindus would to assault them amid their voyages to catch their money along with the gems of the women. The Hindus victimized everyone they discovered in the way. Khak Aur Khoon not just portrays what amount of reparations the Muslims created to get their new country, but it also depicts the genuine face of Hindu excitement at the moment. On June 3, 1947,

Lord Mountbatten advertised that locale of Gurdaspur would be corrected to Pakistan. Muslims, in the aftermath of listening to them, monitored the houses and properties of the Non-Muslim neighbors in the uproars, yet Radcliff talented this place to India to enable Kashmir to join India. Indeed the lord of Kashmir, Hari Singh needed it to be blended with India.

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