Karakoram Ka Taj Mahal Novel by Nimra Ahmed

Karakoram Ka Taj Mahal

Karakoram Ka Taj Mahal Pdf by Nimra Ahmed:

Nimra Ahmed Writes Karakoram Ka Taj Mahal novel. The novel has the substance that one can expect for Nimra Ahmed.  The book revolves around the adventure of the north of Pakistan and Karakoram Highway.

The novel is written in such manners that after reading it, you will wish to climb Rakaposhi. The novel is based on a true tale. In the end, it makes you apprehend that when Allah determines to connect two persons When the whole world begins scheming for it.

So if you want to read a refreshing novel then Karakoram Ka Taj Mahal Novel can be a good choice for you.

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