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jannat k pattay

Jannat k Pattay Pdf Novel pdf By Nimra Ahmed:

Nimra Ahmed writes Jannat k Pattay novel. She is a very famous writer in Pakistan.  In this novel, Nimra Ahmed conducted the massage of Spirituality and Woman Rights.

It is the Life story of LLB student Haya Suleman who got a scholarship to study in Turkey. Life takes turn when someone leaks her private video internet.

The novel talks about his journey and struggles for getting removed his video from the internet. She tries hard to keep the eye away from his family and friends. Will Haya will able to get his video removed and more importantly will she able to find the person who did this?

Jannat K Pattay Is Great Novel for people who like Fiction and thrill. Nimra Ahmed has also given a religious touch to the novel.

Jannat k Pattay Novel first published in Shuaa Digest from 2012 to 2013. And it was a hit!


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