Beauty and the Beast Book by Jennifer Donnelly Review

Beauty and the Beast Review:

I’ve been in a Beauty and the Beast kick recently and I decided that it would be the perfect time to pick up this book. I didn’t go in with high expectations but unfortunately, I was disappointed with this book. There were just some issues that I did not like very much, I wish it had been a little better, I feel like it didn’t care the same feeling as the Beauty and the Beast has.

The thing that I had the biggest problem with was Belle herself, she’s portrayed as a smart and clever girl but in this, she just was a little silly and naive. She was always getting on my nerves, she was warned that some of the books in the library were enchanted and it was best to stay away from them but when she finds one she completely ignores this warning and goes inside it without knowing anything about it. She ignores ever warning she gets because she doesn’t really know them, but really she doesn’t know anything about the countess and she trusted her immediately. Really the only other thing is that I missed all the characters from the castle, they seemed a little cast aside in this book and I wish they had been more present through the story.

The concept of this book had potential but I just feel that it was a little flat, this book is getting three out of five stars because regardless of my issues with it, it was still a fantastic read and I can’t wait to read more of Jennifer Donnelly’s book in the future because her writing was great in this book.