Alakh Nagri Novel By Mumtaz Mufti Pdf

Alakh Nagri Pdf By Mumtaz Mufti:

Alakh Nagri is Mumtaz Mufti’s autobiography explaining the next phase of his life and the second portion of Ali Pur Ka Eili. Mumtaz Mufti split Alakh Nagri into 2 parts, first part (29 chapters) is the continuum of Ali Pur Ka Aili (Mufti’s autobiography) while the next part is all about and largely defining Qudrat Ullah Shihab (a renowned bureaucrat and Sufi) along with the author Sufi oriented connection and expertise with Qudrat Ullah Shihab. Though at the end I was quite fed up with the constant experiences of the writer and his buddy Qudrat Ullah Shihab with Sufi mystics, but yet It’s a Fantastic book to read and learn….Especially Mufti’s honesty to confess hard feelings nobody can do.

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