Akhri Chattan Book by Naseem Hijazi Pdf

Akhri Chattan Pdf by Naseem Hijazi:

Naseem Hijazi writes Akhri Chattan Book. It is a very famous Urdu novel by Naseem Hijazi.

When there’s one historic fiction book, subsequently Akhri Chattan is your one. I confirmed about his personality out of three distinct, authentic historians like Gibbon and all historians commended his attempts. Akhri Chattan informs about the decrease of Abbasids from Genghis Khan and also the attempts of Jalal-ud-din; the prince of Khawarizm against him.W ith this publication, we could reflect our current in the mirror of ago.

An extremely idealistic narrative of the Banu Abbas caliphate’s battle against the Mongol empire. Some narrative arcs were rather interesting, especially Tahir’s ascension from the hills where he met Suraya. The ending left me disappointed since the buildup through the story out was not given sufficient closure. Accounts were only narrated out of history to deliver the book to a conclusion.

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