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abdullah novel

Abdullah Pdf by Hashim Nadeem:

This Abdullah novel has written by Hashim Nadeem, a well-known author of Urdu language. You might have discovered that words speak, cry and smile or you have to have passed from the encounter of hypnotizing while reading a book. If you experienced such things, then you’ll get the basis of this book but if you not then you need to read it, to become familiarized with these kinds of experiences. This book is related to a young person who belongs out of elite class and the only son of his parents.

But something, which you will know in the book, changes his entire life. Do you know what was that? Enjoy, the atmosphere which let Sahir (Abdullah) leave their own luxurious house and parents and embrace a life filled with simplicity in a Darga. From ahead his travel begins which lasted on other book named Abdullah 2. He passes from enormous pain and every time that his eyes were full of tears that he uses to nourish appreciate in his beloved heart. The words are full of pain, and it ultimately fills eyes with tears which you will not understand, but these tears will be coming out from the eyes — travel from unknowing to understanding.

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