Aab e Gum novel by Mushtaq Ahmad Yousufi Pdf

Aab e Gum Pdf by Mushtaq Ahmad Yousufi:

Aab e Gum novel is written by Mushtaq Ahmad Yousufi. it is a great novel for Urdu readers. its English copy is also available in the market.

it is less a novel than 5 novellas or possibly a whole bunch of connected stories and anecdotes. It is about several Indian Muslims who proceed to Pakistan after Partition, and it is poignant and funny and sad. It reminded me in parts of the Wise Men of Chelm stories. It’s quite long, but it reads like a recorded conversation-it wanders and meanders and recalls this and makes reference to this and finally usually gets back to where it’s meant to be. It’s, be warned, a story of and about men. I don’t think there is a single girl who is the subject of a story, though they seem in many. Nonetheless, it’s his story and he gets to tell it the way he wants.

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