A Court of Frost and Starlight by Sarah J. Maas Review

A Court of Frost and Starlight Review:

I absolutely loved this book, it was everything that I wanted it to be and more. I’ve seen a lot of hating on this book since it came out, I think people are upset because it wasn’t what they were expected, I’ve seen a lot of people complaining because they wanted more of the other characters and not so much of Rhysand and Feyra. I feel like this novelette (as Sarah J. Maas called it) had two purposes; one was to tie up some loose ends from the end of the first three books and seeing how the characters are dealing with the end of the war, and setting the stage for the next three books. This book did a very good job of setting up for the next books with Nesta and Cassian, and everything that’s happening with the Illyrian camp.

I think it’s so interesting seeing how everyone is coping with the life after the war wit Hybren, everyone seems to be dealing with it in different ways. Some of the characters are doing worse and some are doing better than I thought they would (I’m so happy for them). It’s was so great to see Feyra and Rhysand again, there so sweet and I love them so much, and they had some great scenes in this book. Nesta was a character that annoyed me in this book but I am excited to see what happens with her later on. I was extremely disappointed that I didn’t get to read from Azriel’s perspective which is the one I was most anticipating,
This book did such did such a great job of setting up the next book that I don’t know how I’m going to wait for so long for it.